Tuesday, 11 December 2018 r.
Minister Bogdan Klich has welcomed the decision of the President of Poland to appoint General Franciszek Gągor as the chief of the General Staff for the second term of office.
POLAND AS A FRAMEWORK NATION OF THE WEIMAR BATTLE GROUPOn 28th January, the first round of international consultations on creating the French-German-Polish (named Weimar) Battle Group of the European was held at the Polish General Staff in Warsaw .
CHIEF OF THE POLISH GENERAL STAFF IN AFGHANISTANOn 21-23 January Chief of the Polish General Staff, General Franciszek GĄGOR paid a visit to Afghansitan.
PAKISTANI MINISTER OF DEFENCE MET WITH POLISH CHIEF OF GENERAL STAFF 20. 01. 2009. On the second day of his visit to Pakistan, Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces General Franciszek Gągor met with the Minister of Defence of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Chandry Hamad MUKHTAR.

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