Tuesday, 19 June 2018 r.
CHIEF OF THE POLISH GENERAL STAFF IN AFGHANISTANOn 21-23 January Chief of the Polish General Staff, General Franciszek GĄGOR paid a visit to Afghansitan.
PAKISTANI MINISTER OF DEFENCE MET WITH POLISH CHIEF OF GENERAL STAFF 20. 01. 2009. On the second day of his visit to Pakistan, Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces General Franciszek Gągor met with the Minister of Defence of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Chandry Hamad MUKHTAR.
 CHRISTMAS COCKTAIL WITH MILITARY DIPLOMATIC CORPS Over 40 representatives of the Military Diplomatic Corps accredited to Poland participated in the Christmas Cocktail with the Chief of General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces.
LOGISTICIANS EXCHANGE THEIR EXPERIENCEOn 3 rd November, logistic delegation from the United Kingdom headed by Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Logistic Operations) Maj. Gen. David SHOUESMITH started four day visit in General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces.

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