Wednesday, 24 October 2018 r.

CHIEF  -  Lt. General Rajmund ANDRZEJCZAK


First Deputy Chief - Lt. General Michał SIKORA

Deputy Chief - Major General Adam JOKS

Deputy Chief - Major General Krzysztof KRÓL


Chief of the Secretariate of the Chief of the GS PAF - Colonel Cezary KISZKOWIAK

Spokesman for the GS PAF - Colonel Tomasz SZULEJKO

Chief of the Coordination Centre - Colonel Roman PRZEKWAS


Organisation and Replenishment Directorate J1

chief - Colonel Jacek PERKOWSKI


 Reconnaissance and Intelligence Analysis Directorate J2

chief - Colonel Andrzej RÓŻYŃSKI


Armed Forces Operational Planning and Training Directorate J3/J7

chief - Brigadier General Jan RYDZ


Logistics Directorate J4

chief - Colonel Robert WOŹNIAK


Armed Forces Development Planning And Programming Directorate J5

chief  - Brigadier General Piotr BŁAZEUSZ


Command And Control Directorate J6

chief - Brigadier General Robert DROZD


Material Expenditure Directorate J8

chief - Colonel Jarosław STEĆ